Jayme Cohen, the founder of j cohen art, is a Dallas-based artist of home decor and commissioned paintings.  Jayme uses mixed media and resin to create custom works of art, decorative trays, coaster sets, ring dishes, and more with her gravity art flare.

*Home décor product(s) you receive might vary slightly in color due to digital images varying from screen to screen and the nature of your product(s) being hand-created to order. Although j cohent art is thorough, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, and each item will look different from the next. Products are created in the j cohen art studio and have natural and unique imperfections. Every product purchased is one-of-a-kind and beautifully different. Turnaround time on receiving products varies depending on which products are in stock, the type of products you are ordering (curing time for resin can vary depending on the product) and estimated shipping times.

Commissioned paintings are planned with one-on-one meetings either in person or over a phone or video call and an Art Commission Contract will be signed by both parties to protect the artist and collector for the duration of the creative and installation process.